XF 2.1 Hide Staff Bar option



We have a custom URL set up to appear on the Staff Bar across using the below code.

<xf:if is="$xf.visitor.is_moderator"> <a href="URL HERE" class="p-staffBar-link"><span class="button-text">Add Product to Catalogue</span></a> </xf:if>

However, the only people we want to see this are Admins and Moderators. This sort of works but is there a way we can set it so forum-moderators are unable to see it? We only want full moderators to see it and those who are mods of specific forums won't require it.

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You will need to change the conditional statement from <xf:if is="$xf.visitor.is_moderator"> to something which only applies to the members who should see the URL - using member IDs in an array should work.