XF 2.2 Hide recipients for Mass/Bulk "conversation" sent from admin?


Back in vBulletin 3, we use a mass Private Message function in the Admin CP to send reminders and marketing messages to targeted user groups.

In XF2, when I tried the "Message users" function, the recipients will will see a huge list of other recipients in their inbox

Possible to hide this list? If the message is sent via the "Message Users" function in admin.
Or at least make it a single line "user 1, user 2, user 3..... expand list"

Can this be done in the templates? or an add-on?


XenForo developer
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The message users function should send one conversation per user. I don't think there's anyway to trigger what you're showing in the screenshot. I'm not sure that message is actually from XF as the last reply appears to be 2015. Perhaps that was an imported conversation?