Hide empty albums from media/albums

Me 3 - it would be good if there was a way to hide the albums where none of the content or no content is visible to the viewer.
While it might be a pain, just delete the empty albums.
Our vb import created bout 60 and I just deleted them

That is not really solving a problem.. Xenforo should have the option to automatically hide them! It should be fairly simple to make a option where empty albums are automatically private, regardless of users setting.
I find this a strange thing to be missing from options.
It is a valid question, but that is not necessarily solvable as I can't visit my members house and upload images for them.. ;)
The reasons are some members are not that technical and can't figure out how to upload, xenforo is not really that user friendly!(!!!) I battle this every day and make custom changes constantly to make sure what the members are looking for is placed right on the tip of their nose.. This is especially a issue with mobile phone users.
Or they possibly get distracted and forget to come back to the album. Or there might be some technical problem with image sizes etc.

If you look at instagram there are a lot of users that sign up and end up only browsing other users and their profile remain empty. But they are still valuable as users of the community. But instagram would never show a empty space for an image and Xenforo should have the option to not show empty albums.

Empty albums really ruin the look of a good gallery.. It's like missing a front tooth.. It makes your smile less winning, even if you can chew really well with the teeth in the back of your mouth!

I hope this can be a priority, or I will have to get another add-on made..
We recently migrated a forum (which previously ran on vBulletin 4 and PhotoPost) to XenForo 2 and ended up with many empty albums.
This does look band and there is no easy way to clean this up as it also isn't possible to mass-delete empty albums (there is no condtion for that).

So either having an option to hide empty albums (on gallery index, within categories and when viewing albums) or to easily mass-delete them would be really useful.
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It just occurred to me...what if someone creates an empty album with the intention to revisit it, only to find it missing since the forum won't display it?

There are only two ways around this.

1) Have a toggle for album owners to show their empty albums, so they can return to them.

2) Prevent creating albums until an image is uploaded, where a person would be prompted to choose an existing album or create a new one.

I would think a template edit could get rid of empty albums but that doesn't solve the issue of finding them again.
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