If view media is revoked, why still have access to albums? No view should mean just that.


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There may be specific circumstances where you need members to be unable to view media, but then they are still be able to view albums.
This makes no sense.

If you've monetised your site and say you have media as a paid-for feature, members can negate this by viewing albums.
The only other option is never, but that won't help in this scenario.

So if you specifically have a group that can view media upon upgrade, and one that can't if they don't - they can view albums.
If you wish to remove media access, it should be ALL and not just leaving albums viewable.

Not sure if this is a bug tbh, but if you don't want members to view media unless they upgrade, why should they still have access to albums?
It's contradictory.

Also, please see this other suggestion by @gotski to restore the granular permissions of albums, for people you follow etc. It's an essential feature for some communities, if members wish to share with specific members;

Thank you
Which permission your you talking about?

If a user does not have permission View media gallery, this user can't see any media, no matter if it's in an album or category.
Yes you're right there, I need to check something. There was certainly a way where members could see media in albums but not categories, or maybe the other way around. I need to double check actually.
Okay have checked and this seems to be okay now. There was something before where users could view actual albums, not the main gallery categories themselves.
Anyway I think this is just a lost one now. :)

What I'd like to do from here is enable members to view the link for the gallery but not media items themselves, probably some conditional may do that.
Remove the condition from the nav tab.

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You're the man, man! Mr Conditional.
Thank you..
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