Implemented Hide board until X posts?


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I used this feature of SMF when I was on it, but I miss it here on Xenforo, For example I liked to hide the staff applications board until 5 posts on SMF, is this possible on Xenforo, if not this is considered a full-on suggestion!


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Revoke the "View Node" permission for the registered user group and "Allow" on a secondary user group. In the ACP set a user group promotion (Under Users) and set specific criteria to be promoted to the new secondary user group.
Is there a way to keep their posts moderated no matter how many they make until I approve 5 posts? Someone joined and started calling me a ****.
As in the red node, deny? It's already set to 'Not set.'

It seems when they create 5 posts they go to moderation like they should, but if they create a 6th+ post, then it is accepted automatically. What I want is every single post to be moderated until I or another staff member approves 5 posts.