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XF 1.2 Hide attachment box?

Discussion in 'Styling and Customization Questions' started by Whatley187, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Whatley187

    Whatley187 Active Member

    Hello all,

    Is there anyway to hide the attachment box at the bottom of the post? There are times when I attach a photo, but not actually insert it into the post for various reasons. Now when somebody views the post it shows this big attachment box at the bottom, any way to hide this box?
  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy Well-Known Member

    If you do not insert it into the image, you will not be able to view the attachment. Is that the intended behavior you'd like to see?
  3. Whatley187

    Whatley187 Active Member

    I think so? Basically what I do is upload an image called "slide" for my XenPorta top story slider which work as intended. But now I have this attachment box at the bottom of the post which looks kind of ugly (no offense). Can I hide that box? Thanks for the help by the way!
  4. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Add to EXTRA.css:
    That will stop the attachments box from showing on all posts.
    Whatley187 likes this.
  5. Whatley187

    Whatley187 Active Member

    You my friend are a good man.
  6. Whatley187

    Whatley187 Active Member

    Issue solved.

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