Hide Album Media From Media Home Page


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Hello, my English is bad, if you mean the ability to exclude the selected albums and don't show media from these albums. I agree with it.


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I was going to use XMG as my homepage, but I can't do that because if I upload a new album, then all the pics appear on the front and it doesn't look as good.

A good fix would be to have ONE thumbnail from the gallery appear, then when users click on it, they get the full gallery.

Some people upload single pics, some people upload 20 turtles.

We should make it so that only one pic from each album displays on the recent media, just to get rid of the repetitiveness.


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Hide Album Media From Media Home Page
Bump. :)

I would like to have this option to exclude media from albums being shown on the Media Home Page as I only want to have images from my categories displayed there and not junk pics from all the members uploads. ;)

As you can see here, I am trying to build up an ID Database of fish but I've got annoying pictures from members uploads showing up as well. http://www.marineaquariumsa.com/media/ My only option is to disable the use of albums completely, which I don't really want to do.

Thank You.