Hidden reputation system


I configured the system using negative votes. So when an user reaches a negative value of -80, this user was moved into banned group via promotion system.

This has a problem. A group of users can take the control and can ban others users. This is due to reputation power has not max limit.

I think that if everything is done anonymously, and an user don't know if he gets negative votes. And users don't know if they have power. And there is a max power value, this can be fine.

So i would like a hidden reputation system with a top reputation.


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The dev's have already said they're not in favour of any kind of reputation or negative likes system and I fully agree with their stance.

I have no doubt that a mod will appear at some time though,


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I do this on my big board, though the policy is public and an extremely high negative reputation is needed. And before that is reached, the user goes trough 3 user groups that limit the account to certain areas and inform the member to improve their posting. This comes together with an extensive FAQ explanation on what is wanted. All our reputation ratings go trough the moderation queue, so there is no abuse present. Users can also report or retract/retract ratings.
Works great and prevents spam & trolling. Effective community moderation. I would not want to do without it.