Hid Sub-Sub Categories


Hello Everyone,

I am sure there is an easy answer to this, and google didnt help me much, but I have a Node, with a sub category, which then has its own set of sub categories. The problem is, the 2nd set of sub categories shows up on the list of categories for the first sub category, if that makes sense.

I am trying to hide the 2nd set of sub categories from the initial sub category. Here are 2 screens. The first is the node tree pointing out the categories I do not want listed on the initial sub category. The 2nd screen just shows where they are and where I dont want them to show.

Any ideas?



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Try creating a category and place the forums in them.

That's what I've done to stop sub forums showing in the main listing.


Thanks Brogan,

I ended up making another category to put the forums in. Not the way I envisioned it, but it works.