I noticed you said that this forum will be "competitively priced".

While I'm willing to switch from vB to support the developers I grew to love from Jelsoft. I am not however willing to pay $161+ for a forum software.

I felt you should know how I felt, because I'm sure your looking to gauge the community to set a price point.

Also, for the love of god. No in MySQL plugins system. Traditional flat file hooks will do fine. The old plugin system reaks havok on a busy shared MySQL database.

It's shaping up well though, hopefully you get some of the old Jelsoft GFX crew to make this bad boy a proper skin. This ones nice, but it could always be better ;)
Well, unfortunately, just because you aren't willing to pay it, that doesn't mean it won't be priced over what you listed. Depending on how well extended this thing gets, it could end up being well worth it, although in it's current state it's not.

Also, this theme is perfectly fine imo, and I wouldn't want to see it ruined or changed. XD
The only things I'd want to change would be the report / like / reply buttons and the 'new' stamp at new posts. It's rather hard to read and I don't like the color much.
I think the reason the buttons are so simplistic is due to the fact that it doesn't draw attention away from the post. This allows it to be more streamline so you can quickly read through posts and keep on topic without a bunch of buttons / icons / useless information clouding up your view.
Prices aren't known, so speculation at this point. But the feedback of 160+ is out of your budget is good feedback. Together with others, it helps shape a general idea of what people think this is worth (or not).

Personally I am just a bit cocky and say that if you take your site seriously, you should invest in it, and it seems at the moment that XF is worth paying for. While I don't have $250, I think I would pay it. It will earn itself back, just because I feel it helps push my board to the next level.
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