Hey XF Staff !! Are you ready for the 6 october support topic explosion???


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Luckily they have a helpful and supporting community of technical members already, to aid where necesarry :)


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My first support question will be the infamous ticket support question. "love xenforo, style a broken, I love support, support my issue my english is not good I love you, help please". I think they'll cope just fine.
I'm looking forward to people asking where to get a free copy, and/or support for null copies :rolleyes:.

Those are -always- my favorite.


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The community development period and support is when we will see better times. Everyone will get their hands dirty, collaborating and hopefully joining in projects with each other designers helping coders and vice versa to push out quality 3rd party products. This applies to the support area, designers, coders, stylers helping one another. Like I stated before better times are yet to come. :)


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Although in Beta, the most common question will be:

"HELP !!! My forum is DOWN... I imported from vB and all is broken"


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I sowwy........
We need one that whacks the bum cheeks out of existence. If that makes any sense. Think some bamboo canes and some jubbly bum cheeks bouncing then finally dropping away by the torurous whacking. Point being... heck after that sentence I'm not sure what point I was making. *walks out of thread*