hey, i'm so depressed ... really!


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i went to my board, i've some translations to do ... and many trivial bugs to solve ... and i don't want to do it ... i'm totally 'engaged' with ... XF ... :D

i need a .zip soon ... very soon ... otherwise i need a doctor ... a smart doctor ... :D



You could start translating some common words & phrases that are unlikely to change as XF develops, ready to quickly start implementing them once there is a download available?

It'll seem like you're engaging with XF and might save some time later on! It's a start :D


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How about a little didly to perk you up?

Zen For oh!
Zen For oh!

The new forum sofware that I like

Zen For oh!
Zen For oh!

Created by the awesome Kier,
And Awsomeerrrr Miiiiiike! <- last line sang really deep