Here is what I'm looking for -


Before I buy a license, here is what I'm looking for. I am creating website for a Hobby Club and am looking to use XenForo only (see #3).

Any feedback is appreciated.

1. I have a logo and a few other "ads" I want up where the xenForo logo is located . I looked at the places where you can have ads and I'm trying to make sure I understand correctly. Here is what I am looking for based on this forum:

Static Link Static link
xenForo (my logo) to page to page
Home Forums Buy XenForo Resources Members

2. I'm looking at providing "Member Galleries". I'm confused as to what add-on is good for allowing each member to have their own gallery to upload pictures.

3. The Home tab to be a list of featured posts that are marked by moderators. Thus being able to create the home page as a listed of featured articles. Not sure if this is a add-on.

4. Easy way to do a backup I can download to my local computer.

I'm sure I'll think of more but the above is the core functionality I need.


Here is an example of the User Gallery I'm looking for:

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Chris D

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Xen Media Gallery ( is not in beta, no.

In it's current form it is an image and media gallery where users can upload images or embed videos and put them into categories defined by the site admin.

The next major version is version 1.3 and that includes user album functionality and many more new features I can't talk about yet :sneaky:

Tracy Perry

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Thanks guys. You have convince me to move forward with XenForo.
I honestly don't think you will be sorry. I know I liked it when I got my first license - started really liking it when I got my second license - and loving it and about to get a third license. :D
@Chris Deeming is going to love me also - since my third site is "mud dogging" related and most of those type folks LOVE to post photos of their mud runs - so it'll be another copy of his gallery for it.:p

Welcome to the family!


Yeah, I'm doing this for one club and had done another club's site with Joomla. I don't like it so I might get a second later on :)


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Yes, you can purchase extras at a later date. Note, that add-ons (branding free, etc.) can't be transferred between licenses.