Here is what I'm looking for -


Before I buy a license, here is what I'm looking for. I am creating website for a Hobby Club and am looking to use XenForo only (see #3).

Any feedback is appreciated.

1. I have a logo and a few other "ads" I want up where the xenForo logo is located . I looked at the places where you can have ads and I'm trying to make sure I understand correctly. Here is what I am looking for based on this forum:

Static Link Static link
xenForo (my logo) to page to page
Home Forums Buy XenForo Resources Members

2. I'm looking at providing "Member Galleries". I'm confused as to what add-on is good for allowing each member to have their own gallery to upload pictures.

3. The Home tab to be a list of featured posts that are marked by moderators. Thus being able to create the home page as a listed of featured articles. Not sure if this is a add-on.

4. Easy way to do a backup I can download to my local computer.

I'm sure I'll think of more but the above is the core functionality I need.

Tracy Perry

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Thanks guys. You have convince me to move forward with XenForo.
I honestly don't think you will be sorry. I know I liked it when I got my first license - started really liking it when I got my second license - and loving it and about to get a third license. :D
@Chris Deeming is going to love me also - since my third site is "mud dogging" related and most of those type folks LOVE to post photos of their mud runs - so it'll be another copy of his gallery for it.:p

Welcome to the family!