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Help with margins

Discussion in 'Styling and Customization Questions' started by Neil E., Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Neil E.

    Neil E. Active Member

    I've been adjusting the userbit to regain some page height. I'd like to reduce some empty space as per this image. The idea is to make it look a bit more uniform because I get a lot of one-line postings.
  2. Jake Bunce

    Jake Bunce XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> EXTRA.css

    Add this code:

    .messageList .message
    	padding-bottom: 10px !important;
    .message .messageInfo .messageContent
    	min-height: 180px !important;
    I just used a min-height for the message area. You may have to adjust it for your style.
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  3. Neil E.

    Neil E. Active Member

    Thanks Jake, it worked fine.
    The total amount of content in the signature has a bigger impact on positioning; I might not be able to achieve the reduced space I want.
    I need to try the signature restriction addon.
  4. MagnusB

    MagnusB Well-Known Member

    .message .messageMeta {
    font-size: 11px;
    padding: 15px 5px 5px;
    margin: 5px -5px -5px;
    overflow: hidden;
    zoom: 1;
    Change the padding.
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  5. MagnusB

    MagnusB Well-Known Member

    You have min-height: 300px !important on .message .messageInfo .messageContent, this will cause the message body to be 300px, at least. A standard post profile on your site is about 280px tall, that leaves 20px of nothing, as well as any padding or margins or whatever.
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  6. Neil E.

    Neil E. Active Member

    I decided to set up the userbit so the distance above and below the userbit matched up. So all minimal content posts will have the same spacing and not consume too much real estate. I hate scrolling through big amounts of blank page. Similar to what is done on this forum by having only the avatar and description. I just added a small bit of "extra info".

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  7. MagnusB

    MagnusB Well-Known Member

    messageUserInfo {
    float: left;
    width: 124px;
    margin: 10px 0;
    Something like that will make set the top and bottom margin to 10px of the post profile.

    The margin part, the rest is default xF CSS.
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  8. Neil E.

    Neil E. Active Member

    I did a few things to get the layout I wanted (following Jake's recommendations).

    You might want to consider using the Signature Restriction add-on. This lets you control various aspects of the signature area so users can't go wild adding stuff that makes it huge or look really wierd.
  9. kkm323

    kkm323 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jake

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