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XF 1.3 Help users link to a post in the same thread


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Finally, today, i have moved my almomst 6000000 posts forum from vb3.8 to xf1.3

Users seemes mostly impressed.

I have got a suggestion from a couple of them if it where possible to make it easy to link to a specific post in the same thread.
I was wondering if it could be done with some special BB Code or maybe it has already been done but I cant find it.
I would like a button, or not, that puts a # in the text and then you can type in the number of the post, and then it somehow gets converted to a link to that post. #86 - links to post #86 in a thread.


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That I know, but I would like to type #1, or use a button and it would automatically turn in to a link to the first post.


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Found a simple solution to this, either drag and drop the post number or just copy and paste it from the post you want to reference #2
I know, Reply with a quote is simpler, this takes less space, but I will not use it myself.