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Not a Bug Help please!!

Discussion in 'Resolved Bug Reports' started by SSROCK101, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. SSROCK101

    SSROCK101 Member

    Hello, I have 2 bug reports that I would love help with. First off nobody is getting the confirmation email when they sign up, Here's the error http://pastebin.com/GeahWkwU

    Second off my users cannot post anything.. Here's the error http://pastebin.com/zZF8idkm
    And it's saying this when they try to post something.
    The following error occurred:
    A server error occurred. Please try again later.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  2. Amaury

    Amaury Well-Known Member

    You should post in the appropriate support sections; if you can't, you need to associate your forum username with your license.
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  3. mjda

    mjda Active Member

    This looks like something you should contact support with.

    ...or this, yes.
  4. oman

    oman Well-Known Member

    Make sure you post in the correct threads/forums for support.

    The second one is XenPorta related from looking at the error.
  5. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    If you require support, you will need to associate your forum user name with your license.
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