Help for styling a page


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I would like to create a page that should appear like that one

Screenshot 02-2455971 alle 11.18.59.png

An icon on the left, the title and a little description underneath. Can someone explain me (maybe showing me the code since I'm not a programmer nor I know CSS) how to do that to achieve this effect?


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Based off the forum/node list html, here's what was used:

<ol class="sectionMain">
      <ol class="nodeList">
      <!-- START HERE -->
      <!-- start block -->
      <li class="node forum">
        <div class="nodeInfo forumNodeInfo primaryContent ">
            <span class="nodeIcon" title=""></span>
              <div class="nodeText">
                  <h3 class="nodeTitle" style="font-weight:bold;font-size:12pt;">
                    <a href="#">A Test Forum</a>
                  <blockquote class="nodeDescription muted baseHtml">Test Description?</blockquote>
      <!-- end block -->
      <!-- STOP HERE -->