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I am trying to find an add-on but no clue on what to search for so i figured i'd ask :D

I run a book forum so at the top of the forum I'd like to have something akin to what the site has(It's not my site, it's just a general example)

In the top left you have a nice little slider box that shows whatever the most recent news and what not are and it slides across. I've seen some people do this on their forums as well.

Is there an add-on that can help me with this?

What i am looking to do is when i do reviews for Movies, tv shows, books...I'd like to have a similar slider on my site that would slide through the most popular/recent posts with images and maybe a small little description Are there any add-ons for this?


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That's Joomla and it's using RocketTheme with addons.

For the slider you could use Xenporta and hire a coder to modify the recentFeatures block for you. It would be easier just getting BD Widget and hire a coder to do the other widgets for you if you can't find equivalents already available to you in bd widget or lms extra widgets.
Since i am not too familiar with hiring people to do work with me, what's a fair price do you think for someone to charge? I dont want to lowball anyone of course nor be overcharged :D
The Showcase addon will show a slider on your forum home. If you need it on like say a "portal" then go with @DRE's method.
Ahh thanks Ernest :D


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No. I haven't fully updated it yet. I am a release behind. Not sure if the arrows are there or not anyway. I don't recall seeing them. I know I love sliding on my S3 with it though. Nice...