Help! EXTRA.css not working!

Ok, so I was trying to center the logo and I place the code in my EXTRA.css and I'm guessing that's not where it was supposed to go! After doing that and seeing that it didn't work I took it out of my EXTRA.css and now all of my customized styles have vanished. My EXTRA sheet is still in tact and all of the properties are still there but they don't show when you load the page. Here is what it looked like before. Now the background is plain grey and everything has reverted back to blue. Can anyone tell me why my EXTRA style sheet isn't loading? Thanks


I'm a freakin' idiot! I accidentally wrote a # on the second line of my custom sheet and didn't even see it!!! I've been going at it for like 2 days straight here. I think I need a break. I apologize for the post. Mods, feel free to delete.