Help/advise please !

. I am 90% sure I will buy the software however there are a few key tasks I require that I couldn't achieve in the demo mode myself. firstly, I wish to create two user groups one of which only has a basic profile data allowance (just an aviator and personal information) and the second to start of the same but then have 3 stages of upgrade in the form of data they can upload to their profiles. Each stage would require a different paypal payment.

Can this be done ?
Thanks for the reply Jake,

I have had a look over the thread and I get the idea but implementing it is a different matter ! I am completely new to using code so I apologize if this seems stupid.

I want to create a user group that initially has a standard profile and then can upgrade to the following;

Upgrade 1 - To create their own page on their profile with an aviator and text.

Upgrade 2 - add a photo gallery to the above.

Upgrade 3 - add a video/videos to the above.

I presume I will have to alter the profile templets for this, and to be honest I'm a bit out of my depth here so could you provide a step by step for this ?

Thanks again
Also is it possible to add a group of users profile pages (as mentioned above) within a category on the forum that all other users can view.

any help is greatly appreciated !

Thank you

Jake Bunce

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That's all possible with some edits and addons. The user gallery would be an addon:

This addon features group permissions so you can control and sell access. But you can't download the addon until you own a XF license.

There are different ways to implement videos. Usually you would tie into a service like Youtube and link to those videos. Here is an addon that creates a video gallery: