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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by -Calypso-, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. -Calypso-

    -Calypso- Member

    Hello all, just looking around a bit, don't mind me and for those who may recognize the screen name, yes it is me. :)
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  2. AnthonyCea

    AnthonyCea Well-Known Member

    I have seen the name, welcome !!

    Where have I seen it, what forums do you post at ??
  3. CyclingTribe

    CyclingTribe Well-Known Member

  4. Edrondol

    Edrondol Well-Known Member

    Aye, Calypso, the places you've been to,
    the things that you've shown us,
    the stories you tell.
    Aye, Calypso, I sing to your spirit,
    the men who have served you so long and so well...
  5. Kim

    Kim Well-Known Member

    Hey hey :D good to see you here!

    For those that don't know, Calypso is a well known modder for IPB :)

    Enjoy this gorgeous software!

  6. AnthonyCea

    AnthonyCea Well-Known Member

    This Calypso guy scares me, I think the mods need to keep an eye on him !!

    He might be that cat I met on DP years ago who trades stocks, I don't know if I'm right about that one !!
  7. -Calypso-

    -Calypso- Member

    Kim is correct and thanks for the warm hello all.

    @ AnthonyCea - Never traded stocks friend so I don't think I am the one you were thinking of. :)
  8. AnthonyCea

    AnthonyCea Well-Known Member

    OK buddy, I remember another Calypso from maybe 6 years ago.
  9. 3dsoft

    3dsoft Active Member

    The one I know from IPB, actually stopped creating mods for IPB. ;) iPoints was a great mod from him.
  10. -Calypso-

    -Calypso- Member

    That's me and like a few others have moved on from IPB.
  11. Edrondol

    Edrondol Well-Known Member

    May I ask why? And have you tinkered with XF yet?
  12. -Calypso-

    -Calypso- Member

    Would rather not get into it, nothing personal to you.

    Not yet, looking for a way to "tinker" without paying $140.
  13. Edrondol

    Edrondol Well-Known Member

    No worries. "It's none of your damned business." is a perfectly acceptable answer. [​IMG]
  14. Jethro

    Jethro Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the light side Calypso :) Yes that Jethro as well ....

    Don't worry about Anthony he's just here for the porn ...
  15. MikEhBlue

    MikEhBlue New Member

    Ah, my old friend, Calypso. It has been a while. I was searching google to find out of your latest happenings and came across this post. I used to be a moderator back on your InvisionTweaks site. I went by Mike, the one who made the cool blue wave and smokey signature haha (embedded below).


    But yeah, how's it going? I've been looking into things like Xenforo and whatnot myself, and was just hoping to catch up at some point. Was curious what latest site you operated out of (if any).

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