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Great idea to control trolls. They are the real cancer of forums. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hellbanning

IMHO this should be core in XenForo 1.4.

I got this idea from another forum (+18 so I don't link it) "I think a better refinement would be to make their posts visible to the other users with the same status. That way they can just troll each other and they may not even realize what happened, since occasionally their posts will still get responded to."


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Sounds similar to the feature in vB.

It's simple to detect though - just log out or use an incognito window.


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Maybe also IP-hellban?

Trolls are a real problem. Alter ego is a nice addon anyway, but it would be better to have something like this.


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Sending to Coventry where old posts remain visible but new posts can't be seen would be superb, but I imagine difficult to achieve. Whenever I used the coventry mod on VB, someone would always notice that all the victims posts had disappeared.