XF 2.1 Heading Tags h2 and bb code padding issue


I am using heading tags H1, H2 in my forum using BB code instructed here by one of XenForo member.

But there is lot of padding space in top area of Heading and below text.



Is there any plugin for adding Paragraph Format?


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Wrapping a heading tag in a div is pointless. extra bloat. I don't like that linked example at all.

Also, you already have heading tags native into xf code, with the exception of h1, which is actually a good thing as the site already has one built in.

heading 1 -> <h2>
heading 2 -> <h3>
and so forth. This is a good thing.

As for spacing, you can use the extra.less template to control and line spacing, margin, padding, etc as an over-ride.