Header and Logo sizes for Animate theme?


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I posted this question over at the Xenfocus support boards but it's been about a week now and I haven't gotten a response so I was hoping someone here could help me out.

This is my site: www.muaythaicampsthailand.com/forum

I want to get a custom logo and header made up and I was hoping that one of you could tell me the ideal size dimensions of each?

I don't know where to find that info..

Thanks in advance.
Well, the default header background animated thingo is 1444 x 130 pixels.

And the 'logo' is actually just some nicely formatted text but if you chucked 'Muay Thai Training' up there it'd be about 320 x 93 pixels.

I mocked you up a couple of PSD's that you might find handy.


  • Banner.psd
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  • Logo.psd
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It looks like the moving image at the top there on the default Animate skin you have is 1440x130. It then just marquees.

I believe on the Animate skin, the "logo" is the text there at the top. This can be changed in your Style Properties. The size of the Animate text "logo" at the top is 153x93.

You can change the header height in your Style Properties to match up with what you want though.

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