Has the vB/IPB killer arrived.........



Who cares :) You can discuss it on your own site, other sites, and this site. And soon xenfans.com :D


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It is not easy to kill well established products. We are ages away from UBB. UBB was not similar to vBulletin's current position as a brand name. Surely for active webmasters , they can realize differences between old and new vBulletin versions but many people are not exprienced and they will not easily see the differences between old vB and new vB. vBulletin will always remain within top 3 bbs systems out there even under IB management because of the Big Board number that uses vBulletin.


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I much doubt this has a major effect on IPB. It could potentially pull out vb converts from IPB.
For vbulletin XenForo could grow into a major threat.


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Looks pretty nice actually guys. The skin is already light years better than vBulletin's
more importantly much lighter. xf loads very quickly! its one of the fastest scripts that i dealt with, but then again, speed is a combination of server power + conf + the script itself