Happy birthday Floris



Thank you :D
141??? Damn, I'm lucky if I even get 20 lol.
141 and counting :p
Happy Birthday :)
Thanks hun :D *smooch* Thanks for the gifts from UK
I'm glad it was a good one.
Me too! I got a call from my brother, which was nice, and I got a friend from down under to ship me a box of stuff, which was very thoughtful.
Happy Birthday Floris.
Thank you
Sounds like you had a lovely day. :)
Damn skippy
Even though don't know you that well, happy birthday! :)
I know you from the community universe so it counts :p
A late Happy Birthday from me, Floris - sorry.
I am sure it's the 21st in some timezone :D never too late. I appreciate the congrats.
Still in time :p

A belated Happy Birthday from me. :)
Thank you.

And thanks to everybody else for your emails, PC, tweets, facebook comments, txt msgs, etc. lol