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Lack of interest Handling of location based forums & threads

Recently, I realized that many of my forums should be more location based. (Many posts will be related to a location (In my case the USA State the post is about.)

After looking at the options to handle this and receiving some advice (See this thread) with using either Sub-forums OR using "Prefixes" I came to realize that there is just no real good solutions for this. (Too many cons for usage of either solution.)

From my other thread:
I really think that one of the top usages for forums in the future will be more location specific and organized for this. Obviously many forums are on topics that have no meaning related to locational based organization since their forum topics are of broad appeal. However, I also think that there are many that could use an easy standardized method for organizing and displaying forums geared towards location based posts.
I believe that "forum communities" should be able to handle communities by location. Since Xenforo is not just a forums system but also a community based system, this seems completely natural that it should handle locations for communities.

I am suggesting some kind of way to better handle location based forums and threads. Perhaps it is like the Prefixes but more geared towards locations with easier controls that are very visible for members viewing a location based forum.


  • Have a option if forum is location based.
  • Location options could include Region (State) and possibly City.
  • Allowed locations could be set just like prefixes that could be used again & again in different forums.
  • These location based forums would have at the top of each page a location switcher with list of the preset locations. (Only for forums that are marked as location based)
The reason I like the idea of a system dedicated towards locations and separate from the Prefix system is to still allow the usage of the prefix system for other usages with each forum.

Sorry for the long post. Just wanted to try and explain fully my thoughts on this. :)
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Jake B.

Well-known member
Something like this really doesn't make much sense to be in XenForo. Hardly anyone would ever use it. You could likely hire someone to develop it as an Add-on though.



Jake B.

Well-known member
How do you figure? Most boards don't have any 'region specific' forums. It would make more sense to be an Add-on than for XenForo to develop it and have only a handful of boards use it.