Handling active and inactive users


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how do you handle active and inactive users? I`ve created 2 additional usergroups called "active users" and "inactive users" and 2 according promotions.

Promo for inactive users:
- user hasn`t visited the forum for 180 days

Promo for active users:
- registered for at least x days
- at least x postings in the last 90 days

The problem is that once a user get`s promoted to one of this additional user groups, he won`t loose them if he will be promoted to the other group later on.

Example: a new user matches the criteria for the active user group and gets promoted. After this, he stays away from the forum and after 180 days will also be promoted to the inactive group. Now he has both secondary groups: active and inactive.

So it seems we need another option in the promotion system allowing us to remove certain additional/secondary groups.

Did I get this right? How do you handle this?

thank you - all the best,