XF 1.5 H2 Tag missing by default

I am wondering why the default h2 tags are missing in my forum posts.

Is there a way I could edit a template to automatically add a h2 tag from some variable content from the thread using some sort of a placeholder? If yes which template should I edit.

Thanks a lot.
It seems to come under the visitor text class.

<div class="visitorText">
<h2><span class="muted">Signed in as</span> <a href="members/marketxls.1/" class="username NoOverlay" dir="auto">marketxls</a></h2>
<div class="stats">

<dl class="pairsJustified"><dt>Messages:</dt><dd>340</dd></dl>
<dl class="pairsJustified"><dt>Likes:</dt><dd>0</dd></dl>
<dl class="pairsJustified"><dt>Points:</dt><dd>16</dd></dl>


Any pointers will be very much appreciated.