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[h] Piwik Integration 1.0

Integrate Piwik Stats

  1. Hoffi

    Hoffi Well-Known Member

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  2. Crazyace

    Crazyace Member

    You may want to make a note that piwik needs to be installed first before this add on. Also I have everything installed and did some tests and can't get the live status to show visitors. Any ideas?
  3. Hoffi

    Hoffi Well-Known Member

    I you host your own Piwik Server, you must install that first, right.

    To show the Live Status to visitors you must login in your Piwik and go to Settings
    Select Tab User
    There select your Site from the Drop down, and enable for the anonymous User the view right.
  4. Crazyace

    Crazyace Member

    I don't want to show the status to them, I would like to see them in the reporting. But, when I test it they don't show up.
  5. Hoffi

    Hoffi Well-Known Member

    User the Custom Vars and save the Usergroup in one of this Fields. All with no Usergroup is Guest. I am not shure, if the Custom Vars shown up in the Live Stats.
  6. Jay Schroer

    Jay Schroer Member

    I'm not getting anything to show up either. I even tried turning off all the custom vars. I looked at the source code after pulling up index.php and it looks like it should work. And Piwik definitely works since it's monitoring several other sites fine.

    ETA: I ended up disabling the add-on and just manually pasting my tracking code into the footer template.
  7. Hoffi

    Hoffi Well-Known Member

    Did you entered the correct URL and Token in the options? Then selected the site? Then the Piwik Code should appear in the footer of the site.
  8. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    Piwik is a downloadable, open source (GPL licensed) real time web analytics software program. It provides you with detailed reports on your website visitors: the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, your popular pages… and so much more.

    Piwik aims to be an open source alternative to Google Analytics, and is already used on more than 200,000 websites.
    Piwik is a PHP MySQL software program that you download and install on your own webserver. At the end of the five minute installation process you will be given a JavaScript code. Simply copy and paste this tag on websites you wish to track (or use an existing plugin to do it automatically for you) and access your analytics reports in real time.

  9. Hoffi

    Hoffi Well-Known Member

    You didn't know Piwik before?
  10. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    Not I.
  11. Hoffi

    Hoffi Well-Known Member

    Then it was time, that you recognized it. Piwik is a really cool software. You can host it on your own, and did not give away all the data you collected. That spents more trust to your users. And it is fast! I host my Piwik on another default WebPackage for a few coins the month and it's stable.
  12. Crazyace

    Crazyace Member

    I noticed that it's only recording links that people click on to leave the site. It's not tracking page views or anything else.
  13. DerTobi75

    DerTobi75 Active Member

    I can not connect to my Piwiki Server! Is there a log, where I can find any information what might went wrong?!

    URL & Token are correct!

    Maybe it is a problem with Piwiki 1.7.1?!
  14. Hoffi

    Hoffi Well-Known Member

    I am building a new Version the next days. There is no log, no.
  15. surtic86

    surtic86 Member

    Thanks for your work :) it runs fine
  16. Sukrams

    Sukrams Member


    I'm using the Impressum-Addon is it possible to add the disable notice to the privacy police-page of the Impressum-Addon?

  17. Hoffi

    Hoffi Well-Known Member

    It might be, but I didn't use that AddOn. I'll do my Imprint with a simple Page.
    Könnte sein, ich hab mein Impressum mit einer simplen Seite gelöst. ;)
  18. bogus

    bogus Guest

    Is that still working? I would like to use Piwik too with my XenForo installation..
  19. gldtn

    gldtn Well-Known Member

  20. Walter

    Walter Well-Known Member

    Integrating Piwik without an addon is very simple. Just add the Piwik code manually to a suitable template, e.g. ad_below_bottom_breadcrumb
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