[h] ModeratorView

[h] ModeratorView 1.1b

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That's the xenforo phrase "moderators"

Ahh right, yep. I was wondering if it used a standard XF phrase or it's own one just for the mod.
In one particular category I have there are a ton of sub forums. I kind of wanted to change the display from 'Moderators:' to 'Society Admins:', but just for that category. I'm not sure if that kind of granular control to change the display from one node to the next is a bit too much to ask for.

I have this working, and love the addition.

I have my forum set up with like this:


Those 4 listed are Categories, within the Main Category. How could I get it to display there as well?

It works on a Forum within a Category, the three below are all "Forums" listed within the Main Category Miscellaneous Gaming Forum.

Could I add it to the node_category_level_2 template?
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