XF 1.4 Guests can see things they shouldn't...

Does anyone know why guests are seeing areas that they shouldn't be? I've tested & logged out, and I can't see these areas. Yet we keep having unregistered guests that can be seen viewing these private posts. You can see that the 5 IP's that are similar are all viewing the same private area.



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They do.

It's possible those links were previously available and have been indexed, or have been posted on a social network, etc.

If the threads are not visible to guests then there is nothing to worry about.


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Since this involves my add-on I'll chime in here...

Keep in mind that content of the thread may have been indexed prior to your changing the group permissions. But any attempt to index it in the future will be met with a permission error.
The same robot is back today. I really don't understand robots, yet. Is there any reason to block this robot (or can I even?)? I'm worried our members will see this & assume like we did that someone outside of their group is viewing their threads.

Their IP: The number of this IP address is The country of this IP address registration is Japan. IP Country code is JP. ISP of this address is "Trend Micro Incorporated", organization is "Trend Micro Incorporated". It's hostname is 150-70-97-99.trendmicro.com. IP address latitude is 36.0 and longitude is 138.0.


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I believe if you add this above the standard XF rewrite conditions (between RewriteEngine On and the first RewriteCond) to your .htaccess file it will block trendmicro...

RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} trendmicro [NC]
RewriteRule ^.*$ - [F]
If that's not correct, I'd appreciate it if someone could correct it. ;)