XF 2.1 Guests are actually web crawlers/robots

Is Xenforo going to update the list of who is a robot visitor? My website says I have 61 guests and they are all just crawling for search engines or whatever, and only 10 robots are identified correctly.


I can highly recommend this addon by @Sim

Thank you.

Thank you Andy, you make useful addons, but I was not trying to disable bots, just trying to get them correctly recognized by Xenforo.


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Yes I look at my Guests (say 40) and think wow, that may be 40 new members.
But now that I have learned how to, I look at them and half of them are bots (ahrefs and semrush)
(Look at their IP adress to the right and click on it)

Yes I was going to pm Andy
His Robots add-on is marvelous for blocking Robots (I just bought it)

I wonder if XF can fix it (or will fix it) in a new update.

Or can we get Andy to make a similar add-on to Robots, but for Guests.