XF 1.5 Guest users after migration from VB


I moved from VB4 to Xenforo some days ago. Now there are some users with thousand posts came to me about their problem to accessing to the forum. the system shows them an error like this "user 'XXX could not be found.". They posts have showed with their usernames but as a guest, also I checked the user table on database but they weren't there, it seems they are all gone. actually there is a common symptom among them, all of them had exclamation sign ( !) in their usernames.

What is the solution? I find some add-on, but they are all useless in my case.



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Try to run Rebuild User Caches option from your Admin Panel, but if those users are not present in the database, I am afraid that they are gone for good.


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If they are showing as "Guest" and the user name is unlinked then it means they do not have an account and the import would have to be done again.

I'm not aware of any specific issues with importing user names with ! in them but I'll check to see if it's a known problem and what workarounds there are (other than renaming the accounts in VB).

Can you confirm the user record of one from the VB database?
Is it a complete record?
If they are showing as "Guest" and the user name is unlinked then it means they do not have an account and the import would have to be done again.
Actually it couldn't happen, cause the board has more than 4M posts and is live now, so I cant import it again.

Yes, its a complete record.

I've searched about this issue and got a solution by @Jake Bunce, but it seems the solution is useful when you have just one user who transformed to a guest.


Is it possible to import those users again form VB database separately?


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No, you can't do a partial import again.
Ideally you would do a new import and attempt to resolve the issue which prevented the users from being imported correctly.

Those queries may work but I haven't tested them and it's not something I could recommend.

Jake Bunce

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Officially, reconciling this is not supported by the import software. But it is possible to do with some SQL muscle.

During the import did you enable the option to preserve the source ids? That would be ideal. In that situation I would recommend installing a second copy of XenForo, run the import again on that copy (also preserving the source ids). Once you get a working import with the missing users accounted for then you can run some queries to insert those user records which are missing in your live XF database. Then run additional queries to associate the guest posts by username.

If you can manage the second import then I can do the SQL to copy the users and associate the posts.