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Guest sessions increasing - I'm the only one on the board - Facebook issue?

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by Netsultants, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Netsultants

    Netsultants Active Member

    Anyone else having this issue? I'm the only one on my board and when I go into different threads and read posts and then go back to the main forum page I can see multiple guests.

    When I click on "Members online now" I can see guests "viewing thread" where I just was. When I click on the "IP" link they are all different IP's by a few numbers. out-sf250.tfbnw.net out-sf251.tfbnw.net

    I checked those IPs and they go back to Facebook. What's up?

    My IP isn't even close and it shows me correctly.
  2. Jake Bunce

    Jake Bunce XenForo Moderator Staff Member

  3. Netsultants

    Netsultants Active Member

    Hmmm interesting....

    I wonder if FB is tracking all the pages we visit. I don't see any need for this until the link is clicked.
  4. dieketzer

    dieketzer Well-Known Member

    there is a reason i dont embrace all the facebook integration.
    amongst those reasons is the data mining use of the 'like this/recommend' nonsense.
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  5. Netsultants

    Netsultants Active Member

    I just read that link.... I'm surprised they get away with this. There have been a lot of complaints about Facebook and privacy and somehow this is getting overlooked.
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  6. Peter

    Peter Active Member

    I'm not surprised as they try to open Facebook up even more with less regard to privacy. More money to make.
  7. dieketzer

    dieketzer Well-Known Member

  8. OperaManiac

    OperaManiac Well-Known Member

    if you guys dislike facebook, remove facebook connectivity and block their bots from coming to your servers.

    facebook would be contacted on pretty much all page loads to generate the like button (and the number of likes).

    and it would probably also try to access your servers on every share and like for it to generate a good looking share box with title and description and a preview image!
  9. Netsultants

    Netsultants Active Member

    I don't mind FB loading the image. I don't want them tracking users movements if they haven't clicked the like button.

    If that's all they are doing then they shouldn't show up as a guest.

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