Guest posts


I've read that guests can post without registering themselves. How does this work?
Shouldn't they need to provide a valid email address in their post or isn't this required either?
And what is the difference or relation with an "Anonymous" post (which is an add-on, where someone logs in, but can post under a different name, but the admins can see who the logged in person is)?

A valid email address isn't required for guest posting.

The difference with guest posting and the add-on you mention is there would no way of tying the guest post to a registered member, other than the IP address (which could be a shared/dynamic IP address).
Just to clarify, I'm not sure if I'd say "tied" to an IP, but an IP is recorded (like with a regular user replying) and it can be viewed with the post.

Essentially a guest just chooses a username for their posts (which has to not be an existing user). There wouldn't be anything to stop another guest from using the same name though, for example.
Thanks guys. I'm not a forum-specialist, far from, but I cannot find a reason why a forum would allow guest posting. The idea behind a forum is giving people the ability to talk to each other. How in the world can a forum work properly when multiple people "talk" under the same name.
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