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I want to make a forum where guests can post registration and login problems they have so we can help them . I gave them posting privileges, but when they post, it says the post goes to a moderator , and we never see it.

How do I stop the moderation so we can see the problem and help them, like a ticket system.

Btw, both the thread and post moderation boxes for the forum options are NOT checked.
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I have tried it both ways as a guest and always get the moderation message

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If you can't see the thread in the moderation queue, it'd likely be a permission issue, probably specific to the forum in question. You can use the permission analyzer to check the permissions in that specific node. If you're trying to hide the node from certain groups, you would just went to revoke the view permission or use the private node option.

As for the threads going into the moderation queue, other than the aforementioned permission (which should be "allow" for the unregistered group), anti-spam configuration and add-ons are the only thing I could think of. Anti-spam seems potentially unlikely, though it's a possible. If you have things like Akismet enabled, it may be worth disabling it temporarily. Beyond that, we'd recommend testing with all add-ons disabled.