Guess the xenForo Sale Date :D


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Soo before Kier announce the first sale date.. let's have some fun and guess it :D

Person who guesses it right... well, let's say Kier and Mike will let you buy a xenForo license :p

October 4, 2010 9:30AM GMT


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Well, it can't be the 4th, or 5th as those don't give us a full week between the announcement and the sale date. So that leaves just 2 days left in the "first week of Oct."

Anthony Parsons

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Ok... because they have stated clearly, the first week of October, the first week to me means the first seven days. If it was me, I would want all those days to ensure the product is released in its first beta at the highest standard... so I would release it on the last day, being the 7th Oct. That will be my choice.


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Like you don't have insider information. You should goto jail for insider info. lol j/k

I am going to say 3rd of October
ROFL! I don't know, honest. I begged Kier for the date so I could win, and he wouldn't budge, the brute!