Lack of interest Groups & Profiles Fields


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I would like to see an option when creating a group, to add those of a certain selection of a profile field. For example, I could create a group called "males" with permissions to males only board, then select all those that have selected "male" in the gender profile are added to that group.

That brings me to custom profile fields(if implemented). Same concept. Allow the admin to create a custom profile(each with it's own ID), and allow those to be added to groups too. For example, have a custom profile fields that says "Occupation" with options "Plumber", "Programmer", "Milkman", etc etc. Then the admin can create a group that gives "programmers" permissions to access a programming board, or other mods such as a shoutbox, etc. Whatever permissions are set for the group.

Custom Profile fields are just for information only, unless the admin chooses to add a custom field selection to a group that is created.

Just a thought...