XF 1.5 Group permissions, moderator permissions...



coming from vBulletin I'd several groups like "Administrators", "Super-Moderators", "Registered Users". I only used primary groups.

Now with XenForo I am using the permission schema from https://xenforo.com/community/resources/implementing-permissions-across-multiple-user-groups.358/, i.e. everyone is in the same primary group "Registered Users" and any special rights (like moderator privileges) are granted via secondary group.

This is working, i.e. users who should be able to moderate others can do that in the front end (/forum). However I was missing an overview showing all postings awaiting moderation in a single location like I known from vBulletin.

Now I learned that such an overview exists: /forum/moderation-queue/ ... however it looks like I need to add every user who's a moderator (i.e. whom I already put into the secondary group "Moderators") also to /forum/admin.php?moderators/. Is that right?

If that's right, why can't I use groups? And I also don't understand why I need a "Moderator" user group in that case...

Final question: Can I access the moderation queue from the back end (i.e. admin.php), too?