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Group Moderator


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I personally wouldn't use this right now, but in the future. I'm sure alot of other people would use this, and probably should have built in by default.

Anyways, there should be an options to add a group moderator. The group moderator can accept requests, send invitations, approve, and deny/revoke user's.

Actually, when creating a group, there should be an option to make it public(anyone can join), private(by request and/or invitation only). The group moderator should have control(if allowed by admin) to control this setting also.

Alerts for this can be placed in the moderation bar beside of reported items for group moderators labeled something like "Moderate Group" or whatever sounds best.

Alot of things can be used for this mod. Such as social groups, online classes, or clans. This is good for maintaining a hierarchy in which the admin doesn't have to keep up with it. The group moderator can...