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Green and Gold

Discussion in 'Styles [Archive]' started by Moses, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

    A Green and Gold theme, perfect for Australians, Brazillians, South Africans, and other fans of tasteful colour schemes.

    Installation: FTP the contents of the upload folder to your forumroot - there is a single image in there.
    Compatibility: XenForo 1.0.0 Beta 1
    Terms of Use: Free to XF owners, provided the link in the footer is present.
    Demo: http://www.greenandgoldrugby.co.za/forum
    Updates: Click here to watch this thread for updates.


    Version 1.04
    • Highslide support for inserted thumbnails
    • Tweaked @primarymedium to be lighter than @primarydark
    Version 1.03

    • Added Green background style to sidebar headers on 'forumhome', 'members', 'profile'
    • Reduced box padding on number of followers on 'members' page
    • Made alignment of header suck less in IE
    Version 1.02

    • Highslide integration thanks to Calorie
    • Borders around widgets on forumhome
    • modifications to quote
    • "leaderboard" sized advert in the header (Ad your own 728x90 advert code to the advert_leaderboard template)
    Version 1.01

    • Initial release

    Attached Files:

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  2. Puntocom

    Puntocom Well-Known Member

    Good job! thanks
  3. bookmark

    bookmark Well-Known Member

    Good.I like the way to quote.
  4. Weiyan

    Weiyan Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I installed this theme in my xf sites.
  5. projectego

    projectego Active Member

    Very nice. You pulled off the green-look much better than I was able to. I also like the hint of gold that you've included too. :)
  6. Weiyan

    Weiyan Well-Known Member

    The Rugby site is very nice. The integration of XF is seamless.
    Highly recommend this theme since its using in a production site.:cool:
  7. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

    Thanks all,
    Version 1.02 is now released, I've attached it to the first post.
  8. Kim

    Kim Well-Known Member

    Nice :)
    Moses likes this.
  9. dutchbb

    dutchbb Well-Known Member

    Very nice work, usable for a lot of sites I think.
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  10. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the comments so far, all feedback is welcome.
    Version 1.03 is now up, this sucks less in IE6/7 and has nice looking subheadings in the sidebars.
  11. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

    and hot on the heels of 1.03 comes 1.04 - fixing Highslide support for BBCode attached thumbnails
  12. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

  13. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

    Thanks Digital Doctor,
    Good advice, I'll definitely include coloured icons in the next release.

    I'm currently in the process of upgrading the theme to 1.1 in preparation for migrating my main forum.
    Making reasonable progress, and hoping to release something to the community in the next few weeks.

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  14. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    Don't forget to include some good styles for the "Notices". :)
  15. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

    Where are these notices? Do you mean the Alerts?
  16. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

  17. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

  18. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

  19. eod

    eod Active Member

    Very cool style. Hope to see the update soon. Colors are exactly what I am looking for!

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