Fixed  Gravatar, though detected and auto-fetched, does not set unless you enter your email address


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In this screenshot, Xenforo has correctly fetched my gravatar using my account email address.

However, selecting the "Use Gravatar" option is not enough to actually set and save my avatar - I must enter my email address.
I am only guessing here, but in my case, I often sign up at a forum or site using a different email address than what is attached to my Gravatar. Especially with Gmail, I create aliases on the fly (such as, "") so I can filter and/or keep tabs on the sites I do sign up with.

In fact, that is how I have my XF installation set up. As I'm the site admin, I use my domain's email address rather than the one that is attached to my Gravatar (which is via Gmail).

In short, I'm thinking it's designed this way. :)
I'm not saying it should not ask you for your gravatar ID at all, but I think that if Xenforo has managed to find you on gravatar, simply checking the "Use gravatar" option should be sufficient to save the avatar as the gravatar Xenforo found itself.


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Maybe what it should do is paste your account address into the box (with a single-click highlight on focus), and give you the option to edit the address if you choose to use another Gravatar account.

I think I may have run into this issue when I had first set up my test XF board when I got the license--I vaguely recall wondering why I didn't have an avatar. But since I was looking into how avatars worked, I blew right past the Gravatar settings and never revisited.

I will say that during my conversion from SMF --> vB --> XF, there was an option somewhere (XF, maybe?) that asked if I wanted to use a member's Gravatar as their avatar by matching on the email address, and a few that had Gravatars were pleasantly surprised to see them when they first logged in to the new XF forum. But, I'm thinking the conversion explicitly set this during conversion.