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Granular Administrator Permissions 1.1.2

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Vekseid submitted a new resource:

Granular Administrator Permissions - Adds many new admin permissions to provide more fine-grained permission control.

My first released addon. My third addon overall, but the first isn't finished yet and the second is just a simple template mod.

This adds over a dozen new administrator permissions:

  1. Manage thread reply bans
  2. Manage custom thread fields
  3. Batch threads capability
  4. Delete server error logs
  5. Tool access
  6. Manage connected account providers
  7. Import/Export users
  8. Manage member statistics widgets
  9. Manage moderators
  10. Manage user title ladder
  11. Manage user group...

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We really like your plugin. Can you in the settings of the Moderator's Moderator add a restriction on the issuance of the Main Moderators, but leave the issue of the Forum Moderators? Sorry for my bad English.
@Ivankov apparently, editing and deleting supermods uses their own segregated actions, but creating them is the same function. Trying to override the creation functions to check for the permission seems to make the system very confused. That might be inexperience with extending Xenforo on my part, but for now I don't see a clear way to do this properly.
Your wish is granted. : )

Thank you. Forgot to ask you two more things. When issuing a forum moderator, limit everything except the rights of the forum moderator. And the ability to issue a moderator immediately to the node and sub-assemblies.
@Ivankov I took a break from dealing with Xenforo a bit, but I now have this working properly in my test environment.

Still learning the ins and outs of this.
Can this be used to disable access to members full email addresses?

I'd like to have an option to set to give permission to access a users full email address.
Really appreciate this addon, thanks again for making it. Not having this functionality is XF core is problematic for me so this addon helps a lot.

If possible in a future update, could you please add a permission for 'Delete users'. Currently it is grouped into "Manage users and moderators". It looks like you already split this up into separate permissions for manage users/moderators/super moderators which is amazing, just one more for 'Delete users' and it will be perfect.

Thank you!
I've installed this, but I can't figure out where should see the permissions? These are the permissions groups I can see. Do I need to toggle something on?

Screenshot 2019-11-06 at 17.23.05.webp
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