XF 1.5 google_analytics isn't updating code when adding another?


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I'm about to redesign by site so thought I'd put some heatmap type tracking on my site etc, before I make my mind up.

Anyway - I have used the code sometime ago by using this area of the site admin.php?templates/google_analytics.1082/edit&style_id=6 but now, if I add code to it, nothing is showing on the main site etc?

Is there anywhere else where analtyics is being pulled from? I don't have any add ons that will override it?

I've also removed GA from the google_analytics, cleaned cache etc but its like that file/section doesn't do anything?

Is there anywhere else this can be changed as I'm banging my head a bit -
Tha GA ID is entered in the options in the ACP- > Options -> Statistics and Metrics

If it's not changing when you view the source then that could indicate a stale cache issue.
I'll drop the cache again but I've done that a few times - So I can no longer add my own tracking code? As said, it works a year or two ago

I just need to jab it in the </head> to be honest
Your first post suggests you edited the template.

It likely isn't being updated with the new option value.

Try reverting the template.
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