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Has anyone else noticed that for quite some time now Google search results usually return more irrelevant sites than sites that contain useful information?

I don't mean just forums either. I mean in general.

What I've found in many cases is the main site you're looking for usually comes up 2 to 5 pages down in the search results. When I say main site, I mean the site that is the originator (company, service, whatever) of what you're searching for.

People say it's a content problem. But, if you use one of the other search engines the sites usually come up on the first page of results. To me, that means Google's algorithms are all messed up.
Yea, I noticed I get .com/usa site results when I'm searching for something UK specific, via
It's odd, I have to put "UK" in the search field now
Simple things like items/gifts from amazon.
After some research, what I've found is that Google is using cookies to taylor search results for users. Opening a browser in a private window usually produces much different results than a regular window. Usually still not the expected result, but much different.
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