Google Plus Integration

With the recent release of Google Plus (although invite only), it seems with all the chatter and hype and all their new features that a lot of people are going to be using it. I have already sent out a LOT of invites myself and it's growing every day at a very rapid pace.

With that being said, has anyone looked into adding a "Login with Google" option to the forum? I would love to add this to our forum and have already created the API apps, keys, etc, just need to know how to integrate it.



Additionally to Facebook Connect, having oAuth for Twitter / Google, would be really nice.

I think if it was planned for 1.0, it would have made it in by now.
I am hoping for 1.1, or 1.2 - because it is a question I get a lot, I wanna sign up, can I use twitter, i only see facebook ..
agreed...hopefully someone can assist with it soon, would love to have it in my forum already set up and working before Google officially opens the doors on their network