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XF 1.4 Google bots still showing up on old site after vB import

I have an .htaccess question. I've redirected my old site (vb) to my new one (xf) via .htaccess. I also changed domains as part of this process, so I'm needing to do 301 redirects.

I've set this up, and when I enter urls from the old site, I'm instantly forwarded to the same thread on the new site. So, why is it that when I go to who's online on the vB install (I allowed myself access), that I see bots and others still loading pages there?

Shouldn't the .htaccess redirect them before their session records on the old site?

Any ideas?


XenForo developer
Staff member
The redirects only handle specific pages -- notably ones that are likely to actually be hit by users or linked from other sites. They do not cover every page. If you still have a working install of your old forum, those other pages will still be loaded there. You can either redirect all of them to your new site or simply remove the remaining parts of the old install to let them 404 (where search engines will eventually remove them).
Do I need to disable VBSEO for this to work, and do I also need to add .htaccess redirects back to the vbulletin core files? I just realized that it wasn't working. People just weren't showing up as online because they were landing on blank white pages. Most of my traffic has been redirected but I'm noticing a decent chunk still landing on the old site despite the .htaccess redirects sending them away. (At least when I click links I'm redirected)


XenForo developer
Staff member
Well if you're trying to redirect SEO URLs, you'll need redirects in .htaccess to handle them. This site can generate them: http://tools.geekpoint.net/xfseo/ With that and the "non-SEO" redirects in place, that should redirect your primary URLs.

Beyond those URLs, you can either let them 404 (after removing the rest of the old files) or look at redirecting them to the root of your new forum.