Google Analytics

Does anyone know what page I should page the Google Analytic code into so it gets into the header of all pages?

I just signed up for Google Analytics for my XenForo URL.

I just found a section under HOME/OPTIONS/STATS that allows you to enter your Google ID, so that is super cool if I don't have to paste this Google javascript in the header tags. I posted my Google ID so I'll give that sometime for Google to look over and see if we are in business tomorrow.




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Yes, you don't have to edit any templates. Just enter your Analytic ID in that setting.

Core Freedom

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Does entering your Google Analytics ID# in that area give you results to each page of your forum? If so, I seem to be having some discrepancies. For example, some of my conversations are being watched 8,000+ times (at least that's what it says in the posts, x-number of views), but then when I check the Google analytics number I get less than 500 per week.

When I bring traffic to a specific post it's because that particular post is going bonkers and so I send that particular link out to Twitter and Facebook to get even more views. How I get the 8,000 views for example is by sending just that particular link out, not the main forum url.

So if Google analytics counts every page, wouldn't even add to the overall total?

Any ideas?