Good examples of large & customised XFMG implementations?


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I have a heavily customised vBulletin + PhotoPost site I've been planning to migrate over to XF + XFMG for some time now.

My site has a very large and active gallery with over 250,000 photos across more than 1,000 different categories.

Before I start work on the migration I'm looking for inspiration from other sites which make heavy use of their galleries or have customised the way their galleries work in any way?

Which are the best or most interesting XFMG implementations out there?
We have around 375k of pictures in the gallery and another 50k as attachments.
In the gallery we use around 100 categorys because of the possibility to restrict the access to usergroups. There are nearly 1000 user albums as well.
Thanks @teletubbi - have you done many modifications or set up the galleries in a particular way that's different to the default?

How have you structured things in regards to categories vs user albums and so on?
No I don't make any modification.
Both, categories and albums have been imported when we make the switch from VB to xenforo.

Do you own a license already? Than make a test import. The pictures took some time. Can't really say how long due we had some problems with corrupted pictures. So the import stuck.

Chris was helping with this and run the importer from cli.
Yeah, I have 8 forum licenses and a few gallery licenses already so testing isn't an issue - I'm more trying to work out how to structure things since we have customised our Photopost gallery to more tightly integrate it with vBulletin such that every photo gets its own thread. There's a lot of discussion that happens around photos - I wanted it to be more than just comments (mostly because comments in Photopost were a bit of a waste of space).
Agree with the comments about test importing. When I migrated from PhotoPost there were some minor changes in user experience but no one remembers them today. My PhotoPost home page layout was custom, and I still miss it, but users like XFMG just fine.

The migration did help me more easily find and delete images with no value.
@0ptima - from what I can tell you're mostly just relying on personal albums rather than categories for photos is that correct?
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